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Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Kit

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Product Description

Jacquard Screen Printing Kit is currently on sale! Get it for 10% off, now through December 31st!

The Jacquard Screen Printing Kit: Semi Transparent Colors is a professional-quality screen printing kit featuring Jacquard Professional Screen Inks suitable for beginners and professional screen printers alike.

Designed for printing on lighter backgrounds, these superior-quality inks have longer open time in the screen in comparison to other water-based products making them ideal for small production runs. They are ideal for use on most porous and non-porous surfaces such as: fabric, vinyl, metal, leather, paper, wood, plastic, canvas and more. Fabrics must be heat set for permanence, washability and wash-fastness.

For light backgrounds - kit includes:

  • 10" x 14" pre-stretched silk screen with lacquered wood frame
  • 9" wood handled squeege
  • 4 oz. jars of Jacquard Professional Screen Inks (1 each in Red, Blue, Yellow, Black)
  • 4 oz. photo emulsion
  • 1/3 g diazo sensitizer
  • 3 acetate sheets
  • stir stick
  • instruction booklet in 3 languages (English, Spanish, French)

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