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Needle Felting Kit

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  Includes the book "Uniquely Felt" (#BUF)
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Product Description

Do you ever feel the need to just poke something repeatedly with a sharp object? Well now you can! Needle felting is all about jabbing pronged needles into a mass of wool, and with this needle felting kit you get everything you need to satisfy your shanking desires!

Three primary colored Jacquard Acid Dyes will let you dye up a rainbow of colored roving, and with the multi-needle felting tool and mat you can quickly and safely create felt appliqués, 3D felt sculptures and much more. The multi-tool's safety guard protects fingers from unnecessary pokes, and the bristle mat provides a safe surface for needling so you don't put holes in anything. Step by step instructions for needle felting and dyeing with Jacquard Acid Dyes are included.

The optional book "Uniquely Felt" (#BUF) is a great introduction to needle felting as well as various wet felting techniques. It covers all the materials, techniques, tips and tricks that will take anyone from novice to journeyman in no time. Great for beginners, taking a class, a fun gift for older kids (or the poking inclined). This kit is great for anyone interested in needle felting, and since each dye will color up to two lbs of material all you will need anytime soon is more roving. Come get your shank on!

Kit includes the following:
1 #CFNT - Clover Felting Needle Tool
1 #CFNM S - Clover Felting Needle Mat, size small
1 #AD 601 - 1/2 oz. Jacquard Acid Dye Sun Yellow
1 #AD 618 - 1/2 oz. Jacquard Acid Dye Cherry Red
1 #AD 621 - 1/2 oz. Jacquard Acid Dye Sky Blue
1 #ROVE-W - 4oz. wool roving
1 #BUF - Uniquely Felt (not included with #NEFKNB)


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