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Dharma Dye Fixative Instructions


Dharma Dye Fixative, a commercial grade product, increases the washfastness, wetfastness, resistance to perspiration staining, and resistance to seawater fading. Works with several kinds of dye and any natural fabric or blend. It is particularly useful to quilters when purchased fabrics “bleed” meaning there is excess dye still on the fabrics. This product can often "fix" these loose dyes to prevent color bleeding in the future. Test if possible, because it doesn't work on all dyes.

You can also use this product to add washfastness to your own dyeing. Works great with Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion dyes dyes as an after soak. It is not a substitute for normal fixatives like Soda Ash. It is used after the dyeing process. We highly recommend this product when dyeing black solid color to slow down fading. When using on solid colors use it after draining the dye bath, but before rinsing and washing.


Use 1 oz of Dharma Dye Fixative per 1lb of fabric in a HOT water soak for 30 minutes on solid colored fabrics after the dye bath and before rinsing and washing, then wash in hot water and Synthrapol to get any remaining unfixed dye out For best results, rinse should have a ph of about 7. Works with several kinds of dye & any natural fabric or blend. Keeps it from fading. Reduces how much Fiber Reactive comes out in the rinse considerably, including Procion-H after it's been steamed, thereby enhancing the depth of color you end up with.

To enhance or retain more color in tie-dyes or other multicolored items, you need to wash out the excess dye first (rinse under running water, then wash in hot water with Synthrapol) Then use this product in a COOL bath adding 1 oz of the Dharma dye fixative soak for 15 minutes then rinse and dry.


Does a good job with fabric that's been dyed with indigo!!


Well worth the extra rinse!

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