Fiber Reactive Poster

Poster Sized Color Chart of all of our 146 current Fiber Reactive (Procion) Dye colors.

Fiber Reactive Poster
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Ta dah!!! Here you go folks! The Poster Sized Color Chart (17"x 22") of all of our 146 current Fiber Reactive (Procion) Dye colors. (Does not include any SpringTones, FallTones, or discontinued colors.) It was hard, but we found an affordable printer whose end production run actually matches the colored proofs! Our Graphic Designer and General Manager went through lots of tweaking and several proofs using solid "tub" dyed cotton Jersey swatches from our Dharma Dye Lab (dyed under tightly controlled conditions all on the same lot of fabric) to get this color chart as close as we could to the real deal! Since printed paper never matches living color exactly, some colors are impossible to reproduce how vibrant they really are, or some of the more subtle differences between similar colors, but this is our best shot! A great reference for your dyeroom wall, color for your bathroom, whatever! Enjoy!

Colors shown are from swatches of cotton Jersey dyed in the same temperatures with the same timing, the same water, everything the same except the dye. The weight of goods of dye used  (%OWG) was precisely measured to get the original fabric swatches and varies by color. If you are a serious dyer and want more precise matching ability, you must weigh the dye, as a percentage of the weight of the fabric you are dyeing. To get values we used to obtain the shades on this chart, you will find a list in your Dharma Catalog on pages 6 and 7, also at this link here.

Colors will be different on different fabrics. They can be more intense, and even shift, on rayons. These dyes can shift sometimes dramatically on silks, wool or other fibers, mainly blues and ANY mix that has a blue in it. If you combine different fabrics in a dyebath, or even the same fabrics from a different lot, you can end up with different colors coming out of the same dyebath. Temperature effects outcome of color, as does water chemistry and ph. How long you do each step can affect the outcome as well. So as you see, there are many variables with dyeing. Dyelots can vary a bit too. That is why it can be such an adventure! But if you need precise color, you simply must test. To repeat results it is like a recipe, everything must be done the same each time.


Artist tip: Tape the color swatch to the lid of your dye for easy color coding.


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5 star rating
I love my poster! I have it framed & hanging on the wall right where I mix my dyes. I have a suggestion. Next time you update it please group the colors in same color family like on the dye ordering page on the website (rather than putting them in number order). It makes it even easier to compare one color to another in the same family e.g. the kelly green vs yucca. Nevertheless I've found the poster very useful. Thanks!
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5 star rating
it would be nice to get this free if you order dyes
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5 star rating
Probably already been said since there are 4k reviews - but I love this poster. It's very helpful when ordering and deciding which colors to use. However there are a LOT of colors not in this poster. Would LOVE to see a poster that shows ALL of your normally-available colors. And as someone else mentioned organized in color families to make it easier to find what you want. Thanks!
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4 star rating
this is really great. Got two one too cut appart and file on index cards by color family with swatches from dyes. Only down side is doesnt include limited addition dyes. Have some of those and have no clue what thye look like as not listed on the website anymore
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5 star rating
Perfect decor on the wall of my dye roombasement bathroom. It's so nice to have the reference right in front of me. Please update this occasionally to add the newest colors. It is an odd size for a frame but I found a float frame at JoAnn's that could handle it so it's not just a poster tacked to the wall. It looks nice in there!
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8 of 9 users found this review helpful.

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