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Squeegees for Screen Printing

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  65 Durometer - 6
  65 Durometer - 8
  65 Durometer Neoprene Blade - 9
  65 Durometer - 10
  65 Durometer - 14
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Product Description
The squeegee is an essential element in screen-printing. You use the squeegee to scrape ink across the screen, while applying downward pressure, causing ink to squeeze through any open spaces in the screen (i.e. your design) onto the printing surface.
All squeegees have a handle and a blade. The handle is, obviously, the part that you hold onto while pulling the squeegee across the screen. The blade refers to the flexible edge that makes contact with the screen in order to push the ink through. The higher the durometer, the less flexible the blade. Also important is the shape of the blade edge, either square or rounded. A rounded edge will push more ink through the screen than a square edge. The squeegee you choose will depend on several factors: the material printed on, personal preference, the quantity of prints to be made, and the inks used. Generally, flexible squeegees with rounded blade edges are used for fabric printing, while hard, square edged squeegees are for printing on paper, wood and other surfaces.
We carry two different fabric squeegees. The wooden handled squeegees are available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 14” lengths and have 65 durometer non-marking Nitrile blades with a very rounded edge. The 9" squeegee has a plastic handle and a less rounded 65 durometer neoprene blade. When choosing a squeegee you want to be sure that the squeegee is about 2 inches shorter than the inside width of the screen you are printing. If your squeegee is too long it can bind against the screen frame and cause an uneven print.
Available in: 6", 8", 9", 10", and 14"
Good Luck and Happy Printing!

5 Reviews
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The sueegees are easy to use and a snap to clean up!
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I ordered one of you squeegees and I expected to see somthing like in the picture. Instead I got a squeegee that has a plastic handle shaped so it is very difficult to use (it's "T" shaped) and with a a thin (18") blad that is not even square: it is rounded. This has to be one of the most useless squeegees in existance. I'd return it but it's not worth the postage to return! Avoid it it is garbage!
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exactly what I wanted
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My first time for screen printing. A little heavy to handle and it soaked water while cleaning it. I was expecting at ridgid plastic handle but it worked fine.
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Good for printing dyes and fabric inks
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Customer Comments
"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you service is amazing. I ordered a set of paints for my Mum in Australia, and they were delivered within 7 days. She is really happy with the quality of the paints as well. I will definitely be ordering more things for her from your company in the future."

-Nashwa B
Tue Jun 28 2011

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