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We are happy to offer Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems' complete selection of inkjet ready fabrics at discounted prices. These are rolls of specially treated silk and cotton fabrics with a paper backing which run smoothly through most all brands of ink jet printers - home & office models as well as commercial wide-format models.

 All fabrics are available with either a FabriSign or ProCoat coating paperback in widths from 17" to 58" wide.

All the 6' sample rolls are approx. 42" wide and can not be cut down in size. LIMIT TWO 6' sample roll per fabric type, per order. Please note that all our rolls and 6' samples can vary in width approximately 6 inches or less. This is due to the final cutting process.

Product Description

FabriSign & ProCoat are two different fabric coatings that prepare fabric for direct digital inkjet printing. While both are excellent products with identical prices they are used differently and serve distinct purposes.


Color Absolute Best Excellent
Post Processing Steaming None
Dry Cleanable Yes No
Water Resistance 100% Waterproof Water Resistant
Ink ONLY works with textile-specific, dye-based printing systems: 
Acid, Reactive, or Disperse dye-based inks
Any waterbased pigment
ink on any fabric


ProCoat ONLY works with textile-specific dye-based printing systems.

If you have a printing system that has textile-specific dye-based ink, then ProCoat is for you. However, to develop color, the print must be steamed. Please see Steamers on this site. ProCoat produces commercial quality/industrial grade prints, just like the fabrics you find in the stores. And ProCoat produces the absolute best colors possible - the blacks are deeper, the colors richer and brighter. When you need that extra touch, ProCoat delivers.

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% machine washable & dry cleanable
  • Rich, bright, & permanent color
  • Inks must be matched to the fabric - this is very important!
    Has to be dye based, not pigment, and must be:
    Fiber Reactive Dye ink for cottons and other cellulose,
    Acid Dye based or Fiber Reactive ink for Silk (please specify when ordering)
    or Disperse Dye ink for polys
  •  The print must be steamed

Just because you're printing fabric digitally doesn't mean you have to settle for a lower quality result. The only difference between a ProCoat print and fabric printed traditionally is in the process not the end result.

Anywhere washability is required or where you need the absolute best, no compromises color, ProCoat is the perfect choice.

ProCoat Silks

ProCoat Cottons

ProCoat Misc. Fabrics


FabriSign is about ease of use.

For most applications FabriSign is the right choice. FabriSign saves you time, labor, and hassle while producing gorgeous prints that will wow your customers. FabriSign allows you to use any waterbased ink with any fabric and requires no post processing just print and you're done. FabriSign brings your projects in on time and under budget while dazzling your customers.

  • Use any waterbased pigment ink on any fabric
  • No post processing just print and you're done!

    And this ease of use is accomplished with minimal compromise:

  • Colors are excellent
  • Water resistance is excellent
  • Prints may be used indoors or out
  • Cannot be machine washed or drycleaned

    In many cases using a ProCoat fabric is overkill. Signs and banners are often used only for a short time, pillows and other home decorations often will never be washed. In those situations and many more FabriSign is the perfect solution.

    FabriSign Silks

    FabriSign Cottons

    FabriSign Misc. Fabrics

    SHIPPING NOTES: All wide format inkjet rolls are drop shipped from the manufacturer so they do not ship with our other products. We will place your order right away in accordance with the time lines of our Ordering policy. However, please be aware that the manufacturer may not be able to hold to the same rigorous standards. Click here to read more about drop-shipped items and be sure to let us know about any deadlines you might be facing.

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: The manufacturer does not ship internationally. We would be happy to ship to your international address but there will be an additional shipping fee of $10.00, due to the item being delivered to Dharma's warehouse before going on to it's final destination. Dimensional Weight may be an issue with some orders. Please call for more information.

    MANUFACTURER RETURN NOTES: All wide format inkjet rolls are drop shipped from the manufacturer. They can not be returned if opened and/or after 30 days. Click here to read more about drop-shipped items.

    CUT FEE: Cutting down fabric rolls is very time consuming and Jacquard has decided that, when it comes to cut requests on a single roll, you may request one cut, per bolt, with a fee of $25.

    A NOTE ON SAMPLE ROLLS: Sample rolls are intended to give the user an idea of the fabric before diving in. With that in mind, Jacquard has decided to limit sample rolls to two rolls per fabric type per order. This does not apply to the All Samples Pack, only to the 6' sample rolls.



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