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Setasilk - Silk Paint

USE FOR: Silkpainting - serti silk technique, water color. salt & alcohol effects, airbrush, pseudo tie-dye and batik; Sunpainting!

USE ON:Silk and all natural and synthetic untreated fabrics

 4.76 ( 89 review )
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Pebeo Setasilk is a thin flowable waterbased paint. Technically this is a paint, but a paint so thin it acts very much like a dye. You can also use it like its cousin, Setacolor Transparent, for Sunpainting.

Please note that the #8 is called either Raspberry or Strawberry. Pebeo uses both names for this color. There is no difference in the formula.

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

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1 Primary Yellow (Primary)
2 Buttercup
3 Tangerine
4 Coral
5 Poppy Red
6 Hermes Red (Primary)
7 Magenta (Primary)
8 Raspberry
9 Plum
10 Iris Violet
11 Navy Blue
12 Gitane Blue (Primary)
13 Cyan (Primary)
14 Azure Blue
15 Turquoise
250 ml. - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out. Discontinued.
16 Oriental Green
17 Meadow Green
18 Emerald
19 Moss Green
20 Caramel
21 Chestnut
22 Beaver Brown
23 Cinnamon
24 Old Gold
25 Silver Grey
26 Onyx
27 Green Bronze
28 Salmon
29 Ebony black
30 Mixing White
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Pebeo Setasilk is a very popular alternative for dye. Technically this is a paint, but a paint so thin it acts very much like a dye. In other words, when you touch your paint-loaded brush to the fabric it spreads out - perfect for the serti technique on silk. You can also do salt and alcohol effects. In addition to silk, Setasilk is great on other fabrics like cotton and rayon for water color effects and pseudo tie-dye. So thin it doesn't stiffen the fabric like other paints do. You can use it full strength for Sunpainting - while the paint is wet, put leaves, ferns, lace, etc. over it in the sun, let it dry and enjoy the wonderful negative images it makes! No chemicals needed! Non-toxic! Intermixable with Dye-Na-Flow paints. After you iron it, it's permanent - wash and light fast. Perfect for beginners and also used by many professionals.

The colors are bright, can be thinned with water, and can be used with either water-based resists or solvent-based guttas.

Just iron to fix.

3 to 4 minutes on the reverse side of the fabric with a hot iron. 48 hours after fixing, colorfast for hand washing and dry cleaning.

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Setasilk Studio Collection Workbox
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Setasilk Starter Set

Setasilk silk paints are so thin that they act like a dye, which makes them perfect for the Serti Technique on silk with non-toxic water based resists. Enjoy great savings with this starter set!

***Price below reflects a 10% sale discount off of our already super low prices

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89 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Wonderful EASY to use silk paints no steaming transparent like watercolors leaves a soft hand let them dry on the palette then add alcohol to reconstitute and use them again later. my new favorite!
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Excellent with nice range of colors. The small bottles have a dispenser top which is handy. Colors are vibrant and strong. Love it.
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very important to paint as quicky as possible - as soon as it starts drying it stops being smooth.
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7 of 7 users found this review helpful.
I love Setasilk! This is my first time to ever paint silk and I am hooked! The colors are so vibrant and deep it makes you want to paint everything! Thank you Dharma for making it so easy to be creative.
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6 of 6 users found this review helpful.
I love Setasilk-Silk Paint because it is so easy to use and the colors are brilliant! I highly recommend this product.
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I normaly use this pebeo for many reason its a very versalit pain I pain the fabric from y living chair in turquoise everybody love it.
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The closest I have gotten to a true red.
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A good colour for someone who does a lot of water scenes.
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This was my first time using seta silk and overall it was just ok. The paint was pretty "dry" so I had to dab a lot on my brush to cover large areas this led to me almost running out! I tried thinning it with water but that made the color too light. Also idk what it was about this paint but it kept going past the gutta lines! I used 3 different paints for my project acid dye setalsilk and dynaflow and of the 3 this was the only one that bled through! I even put gutta on both sides of the fabric and it still kept bleeding. I had to be VERY careful not to get the brush too close to the lines but that was hard because of how dense the paint was. Next time I think I'll just stick with dyes. I still had to steam set my project anyways and it's not that big of a hassle.
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I was able to make a nice range of new colors with this mixer. I recommend starting with a very small amount of the paint you want to lighten because a little bit of paint (especially with dark colors) can tint a lot of Mixing White. I did several colors at once and by the time I added enough Mixing White to get the light shades I was going for I had used most of my Mixing White and had way more pastel paint than I needed.
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Got my paints in the time frame I estimated. Packaging was great I am a "happy csmper" as always. Thanks a lot my fave arts supplier.
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This is a beautiful color!
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