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Jacquard Color Magnet Pen 45ml.

 4.38 ( 8 review )
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  45 ml. pen
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Product Description

This stuff is amazing! The Jacquard Color Magnet attracted us like bee's to honey. Color Magnet is a dye attractant that magically attracts more dye where it is applied, creating a unique, two-toned effect. It has been successfully tested on Dharma Acid Dyes, Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes, Jacquard Acid Dyes and iDye for Natural and Poly Fabrics . Since this is a brand new product we are currently testing it with all of our dyes to see what works and what doesn't. Color Magnet doesn't stiffen the fabric, so the two-toned result is perfectly soft.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well and apply by drawing, stamping or stenciling. Let dry thoroughly. Drying can be aided by the use of a hair dryer, or Heat Gun. Dye according to dye package instructions. Color Magnet will attract more dye where it has been applied.


8 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I purchased the pen form to do some experiments. The instructional videos didn't address how I wanted to use the product so I wasn't sure what to expect. I used it to stencil motifs onto Dharma rayon georgette which was then dyed using low water immersion techniques. Results were beautiful almost like a reverse batik effect. The darkest dyes in the area of the motif were attracted to the product. I will be ordering more of this! Wish I could post a picture of the results!
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The actual pen gets a one the product inside the pen gets a five. The tip on the pen did not distribute the gel easily and fell apart before we finished our first shirt. I think this pen is designed to be used with a stencil and not for freehand drawing as we were doing. We cut the pen open and poured it into a squeeze bottle and we love the results. We used it with Fiber Reactive Dyes not idye.
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It did everything it said it would. I used in on a silk scarf and it came out beautiful.
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THIS IS AWESOME. I ran a test drew all over a t-shirt and tossed it into a plastic bag with some dye. WOW - this pen is even better than I expected! Now I have to design some projects around it. Great product easy to use and fun besides. Can't beat that.
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I just wish the pen "tip" was smaller for writing. This works great for use with stencils though. I love Color Magnet!
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This thing is beyond great! I love the look of the finished dye product with almost no effort on my part! Truly exciting!!
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the fuzzy tip came off before the pen was done. Didn't like the colour it turned the dye in the places I used it.
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Video tutorial looks good.
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