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Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint

USE FOR: Silk painting, Serti Technique, Salt & Alcohol effects, Airbrushing, Spraying, Sponge printing, faux Tie-dye and Batik

USE ON: Silk and all natural and synthetic untreated fabrics, untreated leather

 4.56 ( 142 review )
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Dye-Na-Flow is a free flowing, concentrated liquid color for use on any untreated fabric. Flows like a dye! Dye-Na-Flow is especially good for silk painting, either the serti (resist) method using water-soluble resists, or for watercolor techniques.

The 128 oz. (Gallon) sizes are dropship items.

Made in: Made in: UNITED STATES (USA)

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801 Sun Yellow (Primary)
802 Gold Yellow
803 Bright Orange
804 Salmon
805 Scarlet
806 Brilliant Red (Primary)
807 Cranberry Red
808 Hot Fuchsia
809 Magenta
810 Claret
811 Violet
8 oz. jars - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
812 Periwinkle
813 Turquoise
32 oz. jars - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
814 Azure Blue (Primary)
815 Cerulean Blue
816 Midnight Blue
817 Teal
818 Chartreuse
819 Bright Green
820 Emerald Green
821 Brass
822 Sulphur Green
823 Ecru
824 Ochre
825 Brick
826 Brown
8 oz. jars - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
827 Burnt Umber
828 Pewter
829 Black
830 White
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Dye-na-flow Sun Painting Project
Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow is a free flowing, concentrated liquid color for use on any untreated fabric. Works on untreated leather or paper too. It will spread on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even. Every fabric has a different flow and spread. It is magical on silk, but it works on any type of fiber, natural and synthetic. On silk it has an even luster. On velvet it is rich. On cotton the color does not alter the feel of the fabric. Dye-Na-Flow is incredibly versatile.

Dye-Na-Flow is especially good for silk painting, either the serti (resist) method using water-soluble resists, or for watercolor techniques. You can spray or airbrush with it on just about any untreated fabric. You can dilute it with water and tie-dye using squirt bottles and then set the paint in a commercial dryer or with an iron. Really nice effects and it's fast and easy. Water based and non-toxic.


Dye-na-flow Starter Set is a great way to get started with Dye-na-flow Silk Paints.

Simply apply Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paints to pre-washed fabric with a brush, squirt bottle, sponge, or airbrush. Let dry. Iron fabric for 3 minutes on dry setting appropriate for fabric. Wash in cool water with Synthrapol and rinse.

Resist technique:

In the resist technique, lines are drawn on the fabric with Jacquard Water-Based Resist or Jacquard Gutta and the Dye-Na-Flow is applied within these lines. When painted on, the paints will flow and spread on the fabric until it reaches the resist lines. The resist acts as a boundary between colors much like lead in a stained glass window. These islands of color can be blended, highlighted or accented with other colors.

  1. Draw your design with an auto fade pen onto the fabric.
  2. Pour the water-based resist or gutta into a plastic applicator bottle with a metal tip.
  3. Hold the resist bottle like a pencil. Gently squeeze the bottle until the resist begins to flow. It is a good idea to practice on a separate piece of fabric until you get the feeling of drawing smooth, flowing, continuous lines.
  4. Begin drawing your pattern. Move steadily, but not so quickly that you leave gaps in your lines. All lines must be connected or the paint will bleed through the gaps in the resist line.
  5. Once you’ve completed the design, carefully examine the lines. Make sure the resist has penetrated through to the back. Go back and fill in any gaps. Let the resist dry completely. Use a hair dryer to speed drying time.
  6. Mix and apply the paint. Although Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow is available in 30 colors, you can also mix your colors. Using the colors full strength will yield the brightest shades. For less vibrant colors or for watercolor washes, the dyes can be mixed with water up to 25% water
  7. Dip your brush gently into a color. Touch the brush to the fabric about 1/2” from the resist line. The dye will migrate the rest of the way. Paint all areas inside the resist lines. For large areas, work quickly painting the color from corner to corner. Always work wet to wet. Never go over a dry area.
  8. After you have finished your piece, let dry completely. Heat set according to instructions.

Salt Technique:

A beautiful starburst affect can be achieved by sprinkling salt over the fabric while the Dye-Na-Flow is still wet.

  1. Paint, squirt or sponge the Dye-Na-Flow on the fabric in an all over pattern.
  2. Sprinkle the salt onto the fabric. The salt should be applied immediately while the fabric is still very wet. The salt crystals will begin to soak up the dye as it dries.
  3. Let the salt sit on the fabric until the paints are dry. Brush the salt off of the fabric.
  4. Heat set the fabric according to the instructions.

Sun Printing:

Make beautiful ghost-like images on fabric with simple found objects, leaves or paper cutouts. An easy, fun technique for kids and adults!

  1. Using a brush thoroughly wet down the silk hoop fabric with clean water.
  2. Apply Dye-Na-Flow onto the wet fabric.
  3. While the fabric and paints are wet, arrange the paper cutouts, leaves and other items on the surface of the fabric. The closer in contact the object is with the fabric, the sharper your image will be. You may have to weigh down some objects so that they don’t blow away.
  4. Set the fabric in the sun. (Depending upon the size of your fabric you may want to lay the fabric out in the sun before placing your objects on it. Just be careful not to let the fabric dry.)
  5. Leave the fabric out in the sun with the objects on it for an hour or more. Remove the objects and you will see a lighter image in the shape of the object.
  6. Heat set the fabric according to the instructions.
  7. Wash in cool water with Synthrapol and rinse.

Here is a downloadable sun printing project from Jacquard!

Dye-Na-Flow FAQ


What is the difference between Dye-Na-Flow, Jacquard Textile Colors, and Lumiere & Neopaque?


All three are waterbased acrylic paints and they all work together very well. However, each one has its own unique charateristics:

Dye-Na-Flow is a very fluid textile paint that has the consistency of water. It can be used for water color like washes and silk painting techniques.

Textile Colors are medium bodied semi-opaque paints ideal for fabric painting.

Lumiere & Neopaque are light bodied, very flexible paints suitable for various surfaces such as leather, paper, & fabric. The Neopaques are very opaque and excellent for covering dark materials. The Lumiere line is a gorgeous assortment of metallics & pearlescents.


Can I mix Dye-Na-Flow with Jacquard Textile Colors and Lumiere & Neopaque?


Absolutely, all are acrylic paints and they work very well together. Keep in mind that the consistencies of each paint are different, so your resulting colors may be thicker or thinner.


Can I use Dye-Na-Flow for airbrushing?


Yes. Dye-Na-Flow can be used straight from the bottle in an airbrush.


I've followed all the directions for heat setting, but my paints are washing off. What did I do wrong?


Make sure that you are using a dry iron at the correct temperature setting for the fabric. If you don't heat set at a high enough temperature for a long enough time, the paint may not be thoroughly set. Sometimes if you are using a top loading washing machine, it can abrade the paint from the fabric. Pre-washing fabrics before doing any surface treatments to remove any factory sizings may also help.


Is Dye-Na-Flow dry cleanable?


Yes. Once properly heat set, Dye-Na-Flow is dry cleanable.
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Eight 2.25 oz. bottles of the most popular colors: (801-Sun Yellow, 803-Bright Orange, 806-Brilliant Red, 811-Violet, 814-Azure Blue, 820-Emerald Green, 829-Black, 830-White).
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All the supplies to do hundreds of silk or fabric painting projects. (Silk scarves sold separately.)


  • 30 2.25 bottles of Dye-Na-Flow SilkPaint
  • 5 droppers
  • 6 resist applicator bottles
  • 6 size #7 applicator tips
  • 24 5/8" bamboo sumi brushes
  • 10 oz. Silk Salt
  • 8 oz. water-based resist
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  Dye-Na-Flow Class Kit
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noimage Set contains nine 1/2 oz. applicator bottles, tips & techniques for use.

Colors included: (801-Sun-Yellow, 802-Golden-Yellow, 803-Burnt-Orange, 805-Scarlet, 809-Magenta, 811-Violet, 812-Periwinkle, 813-Turquoise, 818-Chartreuse.)
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142 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I have used this on cotton fabrics and silk. I really like the ease of use and the color results. The colors on my cottons after they were heat set did not fade after the first washing. But yes eventually you do get some fading after washings. The silk results were just fine. The silk did not feel very stiff and yes using the Milsoft did help bring back some of the softness.
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23 of 23 users found this review helpful.
Beautiful rich vibrant colors which mix and dilute well. Work great for Serti watercolor and salt techniques. For large pieces take to a Dry Cleaner to have pressed for 30 seconds at 300 degrees using a "hot head" (heat only no steam).
Was this review helpful? 
17 of 17 users found this review helpful.
I like Dye-na-flow. I have gotten some very intense colors silks without the whole steam thing. Be sure to dry completely then heat set carefully to maximize color.
Was this review helpful? 
17 of 17 users found this review helpful.
these colors are amazing on silk. So vibrant and beautiful. i love how far the 2.25oz containers go.
Was this review helpful? 
15 of 15 users found this review helpful.
Love this paint. I can get any affect I want just by adding multiple layer.
Was this review helpful? 
13 of 13 users found this review helpful.
I love this stuff but I was a little disappointed that the midnight blue painted on silk as purple and dried as black.
Was this review helpful? 
1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
I needed to match waistband elastic to the skirt it would be attaching it to. I mixed 3 colors to get the color I wanted painted it on dried elastic in a clothes dryer and then using a press cloth and no steam hot-iron set. Cool before handling
Was this review helpful? 
2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
Love love love this product. It is durable and non fading !
Was this review helpful? 
1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
Be very careful of the midnight blue - it isn't a navy blue like the picture shows - it is actually purple! Whoops - ruined my work....
Was this review helpful? 
7 of 8 users found this review helpful.
i found this product unsatisfactory. the colors were dull and it made the silk stiff. i have switched to the jacquard red and i wish i had started with these.
Was this review helpful? 
3 of 3 users found this review helpful.
i love these paints for all of the obvious reasons but one perspective I just wanted to ad is how ABSOLUTELY RELIEVED I am that they are non toxic. Pulled an all nighter last night and accidentally left my rinsing glass w water and very diluted paint on the counter. Woke up to find Kitty (who has a perfectly clean water source all the time) drinking from the glass of cloudy silk paint water and nearly had a hear attack. Googled the product to see if it was terribly toxic to animals and an extremely relieved to find that it is not. Accidents happen. Thanks for creating a home-friendly safe product!
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10 of 10 users found this review helpful.
I used the dye-na-flow on silk scarves. After heat setting and then washing the scarves lost their beautiful colors. So I ironed the scarves several times and washed several times and each time the scarf lost more and more of it's color. There is no way I could sell these. I ended up over dying all of my scarves with procion MX dyes and they turned out great. I washed and ironed them several time and they retained their brillant colors.
Was this review helpful? 
6 of 7 users found this review helpful.
My first project was a silk worship flag. The result was better than expected. I am going to make another one with more colors.
Was this review helpful? 
3 of 4 users found this review helpful.

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