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Dharma has the best prices on blank silk scarves for dyeing!

As always, we import only First Class, Grade A silk and we still offer it at the lowest prices in the USA! Even as China revalues its currency, workers gain salary increases and shipping costs rise, we continue to price our silks as low as possible so you all can still afford them.

There are some things you should know about our silk scarves. All silk scarves are not created equal. We can find cheaper scarves but there are just too many problems with them. We offer only the best quality we can get in order to have few problems and happy customers.

All of our scarves are #1 quality "firsts" - grown, woven and sewn in mainland China. The hems on all four sides are hand-rolled and sewn with 100% silk thread. (Because they are hand rolled, measurements can vary, which is normal in this industry.) Although the silks are untreated and are ostensibly "ready-to-dye", we have found that with silk in general, occasionally small amounts of silk gum (the stuff left by the moths) is still in the fabric. Where there is gum, or even fingerprints, the fabric will dye lighter. Look for shiny areas in your silk - if there are any you should wash it before dyeing or wash all silk if you want to be really safe.

We recommend Synthrapol or our Professional Textile Detergent for pre-washing because it's really good at taking silk gum out of the silk. Hot water works best!

There are also few things you should know about our fabrics in general...

Hand Rolled Hem 8mm Habotai Scarves
Also known as "China Silk", these lightweight and breezy blank scarves are the most popular for dyeing and painting.
Machine Hemmed 8mm Habotai Scarves
We tested a bunch of different styles of machine hemmed scarves and finally settled on one to try in the most popular style, 8mm habotai, and the most popular sizes.
Crepe De Chine Scarves
The "Mercedes" of the silks!
Machine Hemmed Crepe de Chine Scarves 12mm
The same as our hand rolled Crepe de Chine scarves except the hems are machined with 100% silk thread, rather than hand rolled and stitched.
Silk Satin Scarves
Silky and extremely lustrous, this is what many people think of when they think "silk".
Machine Hemmed Silk Satin 12mm
Silk Satin is silky with an extremely smooth shiny top surface, this is what many people think of when they think "silk". Machine hemmed.
Flat Crepe Scarves
Like a cross between Habotai and Crepe de Chine. Economical, but classy!
Machine Hemmed Flat Crepe 8mm
We tested a bunch of different styles of machine hemmed scarves and decided to bring in the very popular Flat Crepe 8mm style.
Silk Charmeuse Scarves
This is the ultimate in luxury; probably the best scarf you can buy unless you get into the velvets.
Machine Hemmed Silk Charmuese 19.5mm
The Silk Charmeuse is our Porsche of silks! A muted crepe on the back side and shimmery lustrous satin on the top side. Machined hemmed.
Chiffon Scarves
Like a feather floating on the wind.
Machine Hemmed Chiffon Scarves 8mm
Just like our hand rolled and stitched Chiffon scarves except the hems are machined, flat, smooth even and look great after dyeing.
Habotai Silk Veils 5mm
You asked, so here they are! Hand rolled hems hand sewn with silk thread.
Habotai Silk Veils 8mm
Beautiful silk veils perfect for dancing. These 8mm veils are slightly heavier weight than our 5mm silk veils.
Cut Devore Satin Scarves
6 different patterns, 3 of which also come finished with 10" Fringe. Get ready to fall in love!
Solid Devore Satin Scarves
Use for Devore 'burn out' technique, and/or dye and paint them. Beautiful Rayon Satin woven through a Silk Chiffon backing.
Flat Crepe w/ Fringe Scarves
Elegant Flat Crepe shawls & scarves with absolutely beautiful 100% silk fringe.
Stone Wash Crepe De Chine Scarves
If the 12mm CREPE DE CHINE scarves are the "Mercedes", here are the "Rolls Royces" of the scarf world!
Silk Cut Velvet Scarves
Cut velvet is all the rage now, and you can see these in high class department stores for $60-$90.
Silk Velvet/Rayon Scarves
Beautiful plain uncut silk/rayon velvet available with or without fringe on the ends. Etch them yourself in custom patterns, tie dye 'em, whatever, you will rake in the complements!
Silk/Wool Blend Scarves
This is a great blend! Warmer than plain silk, softer than wool, the 12.5 mm weight is similar to a nice Crepe de Chine.

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